A Hunk of Man Meat.

As I took care of Rye last Thursday, he walked around the apartment all night, post-bath, fully nude. A fucking treat if there ever was one. He sat with me as I wrote about vaginal fish dishes, his smooth cock and balls before me.

As he made me a cocktail, ass all up in my face, we (I) discussed how fine that ass is. And that's when it struck me, you've never seen it! Shameful!

Let's change that, shall we?

This is one sexy hunk of man ass. Our friends, sexes of both persuasions, have often mentioned how good a slice this is. And a good chunk of them have even grabbed on for a helping.

If they only knew that this is the ass I get to fuck.
And did that same night.


  1. wow. that's a nice ass.
    thanks for sharing!

    -from brooklyn (and no worries, we definitely don't know each other-i'm new to the 'hood)

  2. That is one good chuck of an ass. And this may sound weird, but as much as I love to see that ass naked (because trust me, I do) I am totally wanting to see how that great behind looks in a good pair of jeans. There is something so hot about a great ass in great jeans. THATS when I just wanna grab hold and never let go :) so that is my photo request :) hoping you can make a girl's day!!


  3. -Anon from BK: Wow, thanks! And we're happy to share, you know this! As for not knowing each other, fair point.

    Welcome to the borough! We're in love with it. I like to consider this marriage of mine a threesome, Brooklyn being the sometimes unwilling third partner (that's such an awful "Brooklyn" thing to say.

    -Eve: Easy. Who would have thought the ladies would go crazy for a slice of man ass? Certainly not this guy.


  4. That's one fine ass you got there, Rye. But I agree with Eve, I'd love to see it in some jeans.

    I don't often get to see naked man ass (ok, never) so this made my day. :)

  5. Why thank you! And I'll have to get Violet right on that.