What motivated you all to start your blog? And how did your features get started-filthy fuckers, etc?-from a new reader in Brooklyn

**Ed. note: I responded to this on Formspring. Then it vanished. So I started responding again. And it reappeared. So this is a mash-up of the two. I clearly don't have a very good memory of what I literally JUST wrote.**

Ooh, from Brooklyn? I wonder if we know each other. How titillating!

Ok, back to the point of this response.

It was definitely a number of factors. First was our frequent and myriad discussions about sex. Our own experiences, what we wanted to get out of our sex life, what we thought was hot, not hot, things of that nature. We started watching a fair amount of porn when together. We'd just sit around and page through Tumblrs and deem things HOT or meh. Then we got into videos. And the videos were interesting. Neither one of us likes mainstream porn. Or, if we're not calling it that, let's say "manufactured" porn. The fake nails. Hair. Tits. Moans. It's all a little... much.
So we'd watch a lot of videos, mostly on amateur sites, but it was really difficult to put together a string of vids worth sharing with one another, let alone jerk off to. Then we started finding people that we WERE into. People like Camille Crimson, who comes off as a very normal, down to earth person that just happens to make a living sucking her boyfriend's cock. And we also found The Secretive Slut.

We originally found Jez, along with boyfriend Cain, through a video they posted (of which there are still ONLY 2!!!), which led us back to her blog. And here was a normal, fun, artistic couple just going about their daily lives, which sex happens to be a big part of. This was something we could definitely connect with.

Their video:

It got us thinking. First about whether we'd want to start our own as a way to discuss sex openly the same way we do with each other. We both consider the written word a primary cause of existence, whether through production or consumption. So that helped. And our second thought was to use it as an outlet to release some of our exhibitionism. Let's just say that if you were to meet us in person, you'd probably NEVER guess we ran this blog.

So yeah, we'd read her blog, discuss some of what she was writing about, and then fuck each other silly. Until one day, she posted a piece entitled "Getting Honest & Getting Dirty." You should read it, it's good. Anywho, we discussed this one piece a lot. And then decided to create "Hit Lists" for each other.

And what better way to start our blog than with these lists? We'd put them up and not be able to read each other's until they posted.

Before we knew it, people were reading.

That's when the recurring themes came about. First, it was just a collection of photos we had saved on our hard drive that had a similar theme, so it made sense to post them together. But then when we got the pageview numbers back on say, Filthy Fuckers, it became clear that it was a favorite.

After all, we're not the filthiest blog out there. And we really love artistic photos that hint at something more, rather than a gaping asshole. But then sometimes, you want to see a gaping asshole. Or someone does, anyway. We try to appeal to the wide spectrum of sexuality that the two of us feel a part of each day. After all, while today I might want to be hogtied and fucked with a strap-on, tomorrow may be all about missionary. You gotta keep it fresh.

Also, in keeping with that idea, it's important to note that we DID do the HNT, Pic Friday, Web Vid Wednesday thing for a while. But why? We decided that if we don't plan our sex life by a calendar, why plan a sex blog that way? We now post what we feel like when we feel like it. So that maybe means a week without pics of us, or in cases like this week, three photo posts of us and little else.

Anyway, that felt like a ramble. I hope that helped answer your question.

Oh, and thanks for being a new reader, from our beloved Brooklyn, no less!

Ask me anything. Make it dirty.


  1. Awww... thanks for the shout-out! So glad we could be an inspiration! ... Now only if I was inspired (and not drown in work) to post more again, myself!

  2. Yes! Maybe we can inspire you right back! Would be thrilled to make that our legacy.