Drip, Drip, Drip.

And then sometimes, you just need to see someone drenched in jizz.


  1. Hey, you know that I`m horny if I see this ? :)

    But you have also right ! I`m interested what think Valerie about this ? Do they like it also ?

    But I like your own pictures more. Because they have the naturally touch.

    Have you take a look in my english post !?

    Nice greets from Cologne ! Do you know Cologne ?

  2. Dammit Rye - where is the foot shot!?!?! JK... love the chick in the stockings, her body is AMAZING!

  3. All that Jizz :p

  4. @Frechundherzlich - She fucking loves it. As she does having my cum all over her. The other day, I came on her tits and as she cleaned it off, said, "I love wearing your cum for the rest of the day."

    @Chris - I guess I missed out on this round. You know, foot shots aren't the easiest to come by, at least not in the circles we peruse. But we do what we can.

    @Barenakedlady - Well punned!

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