A Penetration Free Weekend.

That's right. You read that correctly.

Actually, not entirely true. It wasn't free from penetration, as many things went into both of us. However, not once did my cock pass through Violet's slick pussy lips or creep into her tight little asshole.

On Saturday, I decided to tease V. Which she caught onto, leading it to backfire on me. Backfiring in this case means that while I hopped in the shower, that little slut fucked herself furiously. But she wasn't quick enough. I got out, wrapped in a towel, and discovered her moaning on the bed.

What resulted was Monday morning's post.

Cut to Sunday.

As many of you are probably aware by now, we bought a new toy on Saturday. This particular toy's purchase resulted from a Twitter follower's suggestion. And I'll tell you, without that suggestion, we NEVER would have considered buying it. However, she was VERY convincing.

I mean, let's be clear here, metal toys are scary. When you think about dildoes, butt plugs, bullets and vibes, you think soft, am I right? I've NEVER understood the glass, wood or metal toys.

Until Sunday. Holy fuck.
Violet was nervous. I let her know that there was no pressure, to take it slow, warm herself up with a few orgasms first, then move on to the newbie. And as for the squirting, whether she does or doesn't, it's of no real difference to me. Sure, I'd LOVE to see it happen, but if it never does, no shame in that. After all, V can come from just fucking, with nary a finger on her clit. That's win enough as it is, if you ask me.

So, per her request, I started by eating her pussy, stuffing her full with two of my fingers while I worked her swollen clit in my mouth. With her new full bush, it made eating her cunt a wholly different experience. And with so much travel, it had been far too long since I sucked her juices straight from the source.

After one, she pulled out her trusty fave, the Babeland Nubby G.

You'll note the Nubby G in the background. It's pretty much always in the background. It's Violet's "Rosebud".
I asked if she had any requests of me, which she most certainly did. I conceded, and before long, I was not only spooning her as she worked her pussy, but I was two fingers deep in her puckered asshole. She was bucking and grinding under me for what seemed like hours, but was mere minutes. The girl knows how to come, what can I say? 

And then there were two.

Fully worked and open, we moved on to the newbie.

She chose to start slow, trying just the toy to see how her wet and ready cunt responded to the sensations. We both imagined there would maybe be some pain. Or at least an uncomfortable sensation related to the HEAVY metal wand entering her fuckhole. How wrong we both were.

Immediately, the groans coming from V were tremendous. You could tell, instantly, that this thing was going to be a game changer. It was as though someone was balls deep in V for the first time. Shock, genuine shock was in her eyes. Her eyes telegraphed 1,000 images.

And sheer fucking exhilaration.

After several minutes of rocking the wand, up, down, up, down, Violet called out for some assistance. A bullet was put into play and she was off. Quite literally.

The photos are blurry and a bit lazy. I'll blame it on disinterest this go. I was WAY more into watching without a lens in the way. At least you get SOME visual aids.
Still not satisfied with the three orgasms in 30 minutes, V let me know it was time to bring in the big guns. So, before I knew it, we were off again, Violet rocking her g-spot as I buzzed away with the Hitachi, and boom, less than a minute later, number four was had.

Just thinking about it makes me want to watch her play again. Those looks....mmm.

As for the squirting, I'm sorry to say, no such luck. But don't count it out. V explained that the orgasm she had from this thing was so much different than any others. So we'll definitely keep trying.

Given V's flexibility and openness in not only buying, but in using this intimidating toy, I told her that she was in charge of how I got mine. Not surprisingly, she wanted to see how I felt about the N-Joy.

But more on that later...


  1. Now that is how I like to start my Tuesdays! Fucking hot!

  2. I remember that intense feeling all to well from the first time I used my n-joy. I also remember thinking "how is this going to really work?" the first time I used my n-joy.(Hell, we still call it a tire iron!) I believe that I will write a post about squirting on our blog, and you can feel free to link to it. I am so glad that you enjoyed the toy!

  3. @Chris - Glad you enjoyed!

    @BB - Great rec! And tire iron is about right, you gotta be careful with that thing. Look forward to reading more about the squirting!


  4. We've had the nJoy Pure Wand for years, and what it can do to a ripe cunt is fucking magic.

    Get the nJoy Eleven next!

  5. The Eleven looks nice, but for $300? Not totally sold yet. We'll continue having fun with the Wand for now. That thing is a fucking beast. A wonderful, orgasmic, heavenly beast.