Stockings, Billy Ocean and the Like.

It's clear how much I love stockings now. I don't need to go over this again. But it doesn't mean I'm about to stop collecting/posting my fetishes. Not by a long shot.

You reap the benefits.

For some reason, she got me thinking about Billy Ocean.

Full body stocking? Go on...

How did you know just where to tear?

Sometimes, I'm not sure whether to post a photo with tats or stockings. Perhaps a tat/stocking mash-up, Girl Talk style, is needed next.

Leopard? Bush? Tits? Lips? Ungh.

You like what you see? We do.

Cutest ass ever? The dimple at the top? It's like a cupcake or something.


I love the blown out quality of this. Like dirty mid-90's "amateur" porn.

Doesn't really make sense to my brain, but my dick loves it.

Nice angle.

Again with the tats? We can all agree, this one belonged under stockings.

1 comment:

  1. Another nice set just discovered.
    Pic 9 my fave at the moment the 'amateur porn' I scroll down and come!
    Could we have some pix of Violet putting stockings on - and not torn ones!
    Sorry dude,just don't dig it!