Weekends are for Winning.

I was itching for this weekend. For no particular reason. Other than to hang with Violet for two straight days. It's ridiculous how much we enjoy hanging out together. Fucking. Not fucking. Mostly not fucking, cause who fucks all the time? But you know, just being friends (mushy awwww).

I've decided that we will do one of the following weekend activities. As should you:


Get home from a long day at the office. Unwind.

6:30 means it's time for a cocktail. Drink up!

Hang out, enjoy a movie at home. Perhaps some popcorn.

Or unwind in the bath. Some candles. A good book.


Breakfast is a must. Clothes, not so much.

Be sure to enjoy your meals together.

And don't forget the coffee. My god, the coffee!

Go get some exercise. Ride your bike, it's gorgeous out!

Or if it's raining, stay in, do some yoga.

Get dolled up, time to go out.

And if you're going out, for fuck sake, make it worthwhile.

Or stay in. Have a friend over.

Whatever you do, those won't be necessary. 


Sleep in late.

Work on your writing, you slacker.

After a long lazy day, finish it off with some takeout.


  1. I am in love with that cock in the first pic.
    I am also in love with your weekend plans. And although mine don't actually involve another person, single as I am, I will doing much relaxing. And hey, maybe if I'm lucky... some fucking will get thrown in there somewhere. :) here's to hoping!


  2. I agree with Eve, that is a beautiful cock in the first picture. The yoga picture is quite impressive. I wish I could flex like that.

    Fuck, I'm turned on by this.

  3. That really is a nice thick slab of cock, isn't it? I'm sure you could both do some impressive work on a cock like that.

    And Eve, without fucking, there's always solo fun to be had. A it might even be more satisfying...

    @Barenaked - V can ALMOST flex like that. This may be attempted at some point.