Spring Forward, Please.

UGH. You guys. It is spring, even if you couldn't tell from what it's like outside today. Although I'm still wearing my winter coat and rain boots, in my mind I'm in flip flops, a breezy sundress with no underwear, drinking a cold beer and lounging on a hammock. Here are some pictures to help you feel that way, too.

Oh, I brought graham crackers and chocolate. How convenient.

This has me ready for strawberry season.

Sigh. Yes, please.

Oh, the sun DOES shine there? 

I am seriously counting the minutes until I make this my life.

You know Rye is thinking, "I wonder if there was a camera underneath?"

Can I come with you?

Just, yeah, you guys. Yeah.

Get. It. GIRL.


  1. That last one? Epic. I can't wait for spring and summer.

  2. So epic. I'm slobbering at the thought of the warmer weather. Especially as today's "wintry mix" ass fucks us sans lube.