Torn Jeans and Rye's Sweaters.

It's "spring", which means Violet is wearing her torn jeans as much as possible. Around the house, outdoors, whenever the temps rise above 50, which isn't often lately. So even if it's cold, the adorable wife of mine wears those shredded sex pants on nights indoors. Even if that means stealing my favorite sweater for her own personal warmth.

And on nights where she's rocking my oversized wool sweater and shredded jeans, she also thinks she'll somehow get away with me not stuffing my hands down her pants. Or making her do the same with her own tiny hands.

Guess again, Violet.


  1. I meant to say this yesterday, but this was a fabulous set of pictures! I love just the hint of everything... and there is something so hot about seeing a hand down a pair of pants :) I know I am a fan.


  2. Thanks Eve! This one went silent, which is always strange. Especially when they're some of my favorite photos I've taken of V. I'm also a fan of the hint. I always want to see more, but sometimes, the idea of more going on is plenty for my mind.


  3. Pic 4 - gorgeous belly - just the right amount of pubes as well -pardon me while I masturbate!

  4. One of your best sets!
    Sexy as fuck again!
    Thanks guys!