Your Ass. And Why You Should Open It Up.

As we're all perfectly aware by now, we're into ass play. I didn't realize this was such a rare thing, until posting this past week's photo series of me plugging my own ass. All I can tell you is that WAY more people should be into it.

For men, it's good for your prostate and actually reduces the chance of prostate cancer. Plus, it feels fucking amazing.

And for you ladies, you can COME from it. AND access your g-spot. And it feels fucking amazing.

Even Violet, who at first was hesitant (she was saving her ass for marriage and ALMOST made it), has come around to it, 110%.

While we fucked each other this fine Saturday afternoon, Violet grinding on top of me, she begged for a finger in her ass. The first time she'd specifically requested, if my memory serves correctly. She's never resisted when I plugged her ass with a fingertip before, but this event has represented a slutty sea change. It's FULLY on now.

In celebration of that fact, I offer you a collection of greatest anal hits.

She's saying shit, right? Yeah, she's DEF saying shit.

Pegging role reversal noted. Damn, this is hot.


  1. "She was saving her ass for marriage." You old-fashioned romantics, you!

    Love the pegging shots and the pro-anal message.

    Vickie P.

  2. My favorite is the one before last! It's fucking hotttt!!!

  3. @VickieP - That's true love for you, isn't it? She decided that the man that married her should have something all to himself. And thanks!

    @Wet - Yeah, I love the androgyny of it all. Is she pegging a woman? A guy? Hard to tell. And either way, totally hot.


  4. I must say you truly that I have not done it before and I have no experience with it.
    But maybe in the future, if I read your post.

    How does it your girlfriend like ? If she became and gave ?

    Nice greets from Cologne

  5. @Frez - Oh man, you need to change that, STAT. My wife has really come around and now anal is on the plate as something she really gets off on.

    No reason why you can't try it on yourself though. Get on it!