What's your favorite toy for solo anal play? Feel free to give your own individual opinions :)

Rye: Well, since I tend to use anal toys a lot more during solo play, I'll respond first and say that I tend to use the Naughty Boy, as I like the curve, not to mention the fact that it vibrates. And strongly at that. http://store.babeland.com/men-prostate-toys/naughty-boy

Violet: I don't really play with my ass too much on my own. But when we're together, Rye takes pretty good care of me. In the times that I've played solo, I've usually gone right for this guy: http://store.babeland.com/butt-beads/ripple


  1. The Rude Boy vibrates strongly because it's powered by the excellent Rocks Off RO-80mm bullet vibe. I love that bullet vibe! Have got through quite a few because partners always want to keep one of their own!

  2. Well, you sound like a pro, Jake!

    And glad you're distributing vibes throughout the world. Like a sex toy Johnny Appleseed.