Ladies, your breasts are amazing. For myriad reasons. They inspire. Comfort. Create buffoons of us in public. Fascinate. Arouse. And bring us back to simpler (that's a lie) times before we even knew what sex felt like.

When you were young, a bra was enough. And god forbid she touched them.

If ever you got your hands on some, it was all you could do to not tear the shirt off.

You dreamed of the day she'd look up at you like this.

And would NEED you bad enough to tug that shit off.

To show you everything you wanted to see.

And be sloppy, girly and as human as you in the bedroom.

To sneak you and only you her most secret parts when out with the crowd.

But still be seductive and shy.

To own her sexuality.

And overwhelm you with her curves.

To spend summer days, exploring each other.

And afternoons playing with/for each other.

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