The Need to Fill Camille's Mouth.

So clearly, no one believes that Camille's man would choose video games over a blowjob from her talented mouth.

Which doesn't discount the validity of this video (at all). There are plenty of dudes that probably would, for some reason, pick a video game over a blowjob. I don't get those people.

But back to this video, which is actually quite amazing for two reasons:

1. The way she plays with his balls? Bitch, please! Unreal. Listen, guys can take WAY more roughness to their balls than you might imagine. And sometimes, the harder you tug, suck and massage them, the better.

2. Slurping up the cum that missed her mouth? Fuck me. God lord, does that woman know how to get a dick hard. And once it's hard, deliver the GOODS.
Find out just what I'm talking about over at Fleshbot.

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