Seeing how often you have sex, does it leave time for jerking off?

Pff! Of course.

I'd say we have some form of sex (oral, anal, vaginal, mutual masturbation, masturbation for show) several times per week. But that leaves plenty of other times.

For instance, mornings. V goes to work before I do, so if something gets me going in my morning blog updates, you know I'm unloading. And she gets home before I do often, so she'll enjoy a round on her own before we have to meet someone for drinks.

And in the summers, V gets early Fridays, which is a perk way too many New Yorkers enjoy (myself not included!), which she pretty much uses to come home and abuse herself several times, many of those at my command.

Plus, when either of us has to travel for work (too frequently lately) we both get down, many times over. And send proof.


  1. We want proof of all this masturbation! Both of you!
    How about a nice pool of jizz in your hand Rye??

  2. We try to keep you all satisfied while keeping ourselves satisfied. And hell no are we shooting every time we come.