The Return of Lily.

I don't know about you guys, but I've missed Lily Francfort.

Found on "I Spank Myself."

Fleshbot hasn't put anything of hers up for a while, so I went about seeking some for myself. And what I found were a whole lot of short, sexy, impossibly hot clips of my favorite self spanker.

Here's my favorite of the bunch.


  1. Oh you like to spank ? I don``t know !

    Many greets from Cologne on a day where the woman have the might !

  2. Don't know her, but I'd like to peel off that duct tape and break the ice.

  3. Love a good bit of spanking! She really knows how to make my dick hard, I'll tell you what.

    And you know she'd love it. Little pain play slut...