Sit On It.

"I take a big one in the ass."

Love a nice descriptive title. And the title definitely doesn't lie.

This woman looks pretty uptight. But in a sexy as fuck, I'm playing at conservative sort of way. Which means it gives me a pretty raging hard on.

So, you know, when she sits on a huge fucking dildo, then Hitachi's the hell out of her pussy, legs spread wide on the living room's impeccably laid-out couch, she really proves just how slutty she is deep beneath it all.


  1. Give me the quiet looking ones every time.

  2. Oh, new commenter here. Welcome aboard, Hardin!

    Couldn't agree more! Fucking tiger in the sack, that one.

    And follow along, unless you don't want that 100 follower video sooner than later.


  3. I'm totally the quiet looking one, we *are* the ones you have to watch out for ;)

  4. Mmm. Glad to have you reading our stuff, Daisy!


  5. Pretty damn hot! I notice myself when I am out wondering which chick I pass is a dirty little slut... always the quiet ones!

  6. I love that she is so quiet in the beginning and then completely lets herself go near the end of the video. Indeed, always the quiet ones...